Tuesday, October 9, 2007

See for yourself

A pirouge like the one we took going to Iles de Madelines.

Our happy picnic on the rocks.

Claire and the delicious mango that grows in Senegal.

Climbing the cliffs to look over the ocean. I thought I could see America.

By the clear pools of salt water and gold.

The price we had to pay for the beautiful day.

Happiness is the ocean.

How do the employees of the Mexican restaurant in Senegal greet the customers?

“Salsalaa Malekum”

...Thank you for that.

I added new photos to the below posts, just so I can keep them in logical order. Im a little AR like that. These are photos from our trip the les Madelines...

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xenobiologista said...

“Salsalaa Malekum”

AHAHAHAHA wait isn't it still Ramandan?