Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wherever you place your foot, there is purpose

This is our group waiting for a new bus to arrive after ours broke down.

My house, The kid is peeking in my front door that opens to the courtyard.

This is the courtyard of my home, where they pray and eat on the floor. My room is the open door on the left. The sairs go up to the rooftop terrace. As you can see on the top, there is a tree that grows up through the tile floor in the courtyard.

Natalie in the Grand Market downtown.

This is a pretty calm spot. I dont take my camera out in the crazy places. There are too many people shouting and grabbing at you and trying to steer you places and just general confusion.

Moussa and Baby Daba, my host brother and sister.

A woman wearing a bubu and peigne, the traditional dress of Senegal, with traditional fabric. Most women wear this instead of western clothes because if its functionality and cool fabric. I just went to the tailor to get one made for Korite.

Note the Cybercafe behind them. This is my internet source. It costs about 250 CFA for an hour. Thats about 50 cents.

Me in front of the Baobab Center, where I have cultural orientation and Wolof classes. It is about a 20 minute walk from my house. Its also a night hangout spot for us Toubabs where we can drink Attayah tea =a tradition in Senegal= and watch hilarious African music videos and learn to play the djembe and chill with the fun caretakers, Ibou and Samba =who actually knows how to Samba=


This is my bathroom. The toilet is the hole in the floor and the shower drains into the toilet hole.

One of my favorite places in senegal so far, my rooftop terrace where I can hear the prayers from the mosque and watch the city.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! Thanks, Cath!

Alex said...

hehe, you look so white :p

Autumn Brooke said...

your house is so beautiful! i've always wanted a tree growing in the middle of my house.. seriously! sweetness! and chillin on the roof?! heck yizzle!!!!!