Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dafa Sed Guiiiiiiiiile!! Its so cold!!

I cant believe Im going to write this, but its cold!

Last night, I actually woke up in the middle of the night and put on socks and a long sleeved shirt. Whats up? The temperature is dropping noticeably and a lot of the senegalese are getting ¨en rhumee¨which means, a common cold. Winters' a-comin' finally! Hallelujah! When I go out to run in the morning, Im pretty chilled. Id say its about 65 degrees and everybodys wearing sweaters and scarves. However, around 11 am, the coolness burns away and I remember Im in Africa. People still take naps from 12-2pm because of the heat.

Tis a mad world.

We got water back. Hallelujah! I did my laundry. I love doing my laundry here. I scrub it by hand in a bucket. Theres an art to it; it has to make a certain squishing noise to be sure that youre scrubbing it right. I feel so accomplished when I look at all my laundry in the line, blowing in the sun. I think I might continue to do it like this when I get back to the states, at least when its warm enough.

Theres no class today because the professors are on strike. The geography department students just got off of a 2 week strike. Strikes work like this: All the students go to class, sit down, and take out their notes. The professor walks in. The ¨responsable¨, or class representative, stands up and tells the teacher that all the students are on strike because they dont like the course material or requirements or new semester system. The teacher says okay, and all the students walk out. This happens each day till the strike is over. When the professors are on strike, they just dont show up to class and the students sit around for a symbolic half hour then leave. In addition to the Geography and Professors strikes, the administrative assistants are on strike as well as the transit system right now. Anarchy, baby!

Oh, other news, I have my Wolof exam today. I should go study.

Yesterday, the Groupe Biblique Universitaire (sort of like my Bible study here) had a Ceremony d'Ouverture to mark the commencement of the school year. Guess what? I sang! Oh baby, I miss singing. We sang Amazing Grace in English; then some french, Wolof, and Serrer songs. It was pretty rad. I also gave a little speech/testimony in French. Needless to say, everyone was so gracious.

How am I feeling about Africa? State of the Union? Hm...Im finding my way here. Im getting used to the slow pace. From time to time I have a little ¨oh my gosh, Im being so unproductive ¨freakout. Im trying to walk slower and write less to-do lists. Things are really positive and I feel comfortable now stopping by friends rooms unannounced and spending 3 hours drinking attayah and discussing everything. Im excited to start my internship at this pro-bono law firm that works for human rights, but as everything in Senegal, its kind of disorganized. Im excited to go to Casamance and talk peace. I wish I could connect a little more with my roomate. Slightly worried about schoolwork, but it'll all work itself out. I dont have any homesickness and Im feeling pretty healthy. Hallelujah. Alxhamdulillah.

Okay, Im going to go into town and pick up a package thats waiting for me at the post office, then Im going to sit in the cafe at the Hotel de la Poste and open it slowly while sipping real coffee. What could it be???
Oh baby, I love the anticipation.

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