Thursday, November 15, 2007

Samay Xarit

These are some of the friends Ive made on campus. Theyre all pretty rad, and love posing for the camera.

My roomie!

Aminata and her best friend Mbere

Drinking Fanta during ¨The Big Stroll¨ epic adventure in town.

Magueye and I enjoy melted gluten free cookies

Sega and I explore the wonders of powdered milk

Mes voisines!

Sega and Omar, lookin sassy

Mmmm...melted gluten free cookies and chai tea.

Omar and Magueye, my favorites!


Anonymous said...

you're crazy like a fox... and I'm hungry like a wolf!


P.S. I have like two google accounts and keep forgetting the passwords for them, so now I have to sign in as anonymous... boo whore!

Elizabeth said...

Worst comes to worse there's always milkpowder and sugar for a snack. YUM!

autumn brooke said...

Your friends there are BEAUTIFUL! .. just like YOU!

Lauren said...


My name is Lauren, and your sister Elizabeth is one of my friends. She was a coworker of my husband when he was at UWM. I was just reading your blog( I found it through a link on Elizabeth's blog),and i have just started reading Alex Haley's "Roots". It is about his family in the countries near Senegal. If you ever get a chnce, it is a good book. The minseries that was on during the 1970s is the inspiration for my home-based business. My Mom watched and took me along on her genealogy trips to the library, and I got hooked. So now I'm a genealogist. Not a ton of money to be made yet, but it helps make ends meet.