Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I saw a shooting star last night.

I got up early this morning to print out my essay for sociology, so Im sitting alone in the computer room, waiting for my first class. This is quite a week. Lets recount/anticipate events...

Last saturday I went to town to visit Aminata's uncle and aunt. They were so nice, but we ended up just sitting and watching telelvision together for 4 hours. I felt like my brain was melting. Interesting fact: every cinema in St Louis and Dakar has been closed down for ¨moral¨reasons, but practically every family, no matter how poor, owns a TV and watches it a lot.

Yesterday I started my internship. It was kind of...odd. I got there and there was a conference going on for the community leaders of the microfinance program for women that RADI does. So, everyone was busy with that, so I sat around and learned more about what RADI does. Cool stuff, like conflict mediation, leadership conferences for village chiefs to learn justice, peaceful demonstrations, and they just opened up a women's health facility. Awesome! About 3:30 pm; they laid out a huge lunch for us, which took about an hour to eat, including 2 rounds of attayah. Other than that, I sat around more until Anta told me I could leave. Hmm...maybe Ill do some work eventually.

Tomorrow is wolof exam. Friday is History exam and beach and party time. Sunday is leaving for Dakar.

Oh yeah, if you want to hear one song that is my soundtrack here in Senegal, listen to ¨Kothbiro¨by Ayub Ogada. Or anything by Yousoun N'dour.

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