Friday, January 25, 2008

Allez les lions!

An update on life here at uni.

First and foremost, we are in the thick of the African Cup of Nations 2008. That is, the continent-wide soccer tournament, culminating in the CAN in Ghana. The other day, Senegal and Algeria tied 2:2. It was madness here. If you walk outside into the middle of campus, you can hear cheers and boos coming from all sides. Senegalese are crazy about football, and Im being converted to the gospel of this sport. Its great, because its worldwide (except, unfortunately, in America). Let me tell you, though, how hard it is to explain why we call it ¨soccer¨ instead of ¨football¨...because you use your foot, and not your socks! Oh ps, the name of the national team is ¨Les Lions de Terranga¨...which literally means ¨The Lions of Hospitality¨..vicious.

Classes have picked up. That was unexpected. Teachers are trying to catch up from all the work that wasnt done before break, because exams are coming up in February and they're realizing that they have nothing to grade us on. I actually have extensive assignments in all my classes. Im going into town today to seclude myself and get some of this done. Not stressing like I would in America, though.

Let's see, what else? Oh, Im looking for cheap tickets to Morocco for spring break at the end of March. So far they're pretty expensive. If it doesnt happen, it doesnt happen. But if it does...hooray! Man, Ive already got the February travel itch. I just cant sit still right now in my life. As my roomate tells me, ¨Voise, tu bouges trop!¨ I move too much.

Speaking of: the dreaded February is coming. Pavvy, if you're reading this, good luck and Godspeed. Man, I hate February. For the past few years, the weather is always crappy and grey, I always get sick, everyone is right in the thick of classes and midterms, and to top it all off, frickin Valentines Day is stuck right in the middle! Im not just being pessimistic; for the past few years, something bad has always happened to me in February. And this year, there is even an extra day! However, here in Senegal everything is new. Maybe African Februaries are different. Im going to go into it with a good attitude, and not take seriously anything that happens.

Oh gosh, speaking of bad good friend here, Megan Alaska, just told me that she's going to be leaving early. She is one of the coolest women Ive ever met, with a true desire to follow God's heart and live big. Her fiancee came to visit over break and she realized how much she needs to go home in order to prepare for their life together. This is one of the most incredible concepts I've ever heard: she would give up Africa for the man she loves, because she knows that he's a gift from God. She and I had a tearful conversation in the middle of the resto one breakfast about all this. I was partly sad to see her go and partly impacted by the gravity of her sacrifice. So..she's leaving in February.

Okay, theres a line waiting for this computer. Any big news?


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Maybe we should've waited to ship your package until early February. Then you'd have gotten it on Valentine's Day, from all your lovies down in Winter Wonderland! :)

I have an idea! How about you close it up, shove it under your bed, and then re-open it in February and act like you JUST got it! Seriously. That might work.


Love you!


Alan said...

i hear you loud and clear. February is the month equivalent of a cold and rainy tuesday morning

Anonymous said...

I have a fantastic february surprise for you...

Love, squaddy

autumn brooke said...

I hate february too... but don't be cliche! make it fabulous! make it the best february yet with all sorts of crazy, wild african experiences topped with a big dolub (is that how you spell that?)of growth! woop woop!

i expect a full fabulous report!