Thursday, January 3, 2008


December was one of the greatest months this year.

Ladies and gents, I write to you from yet another creepy internet cafe, this time in Ziguinchor, the capital city in the southern region of Casamance. After Christmas in Dakar, I took a 16 hour boat ride to Zig, where Im staying with my friend Fatou's family, relaxing, walking around the city, and doing interviews for my research project. Im researching the conflict, and specifically local resolutions. I want to find out what the Casamanciases do for peacebuilding. Veeeeeeery interesing! Ive met some really amazing people with really amazing stories, and Ive become an honorary member of a gang in one neighborhood called ¨Begga Liggey¨.

I spent New Years at this beach resort town called Cap Skirring with Jill, Ryan, and Claire. It was gorgeous and cheap and lovely to let my mind do nothing. I left all my work back here and slept 12 hours each night.

I am here until the 6th, when I take the boat back to dakar; then a bus back to St Louis. I promise that Ill tell all my stories and post my photos asap. I have learned more in this past month than I have in most of them this past year. Im actually excited to get back to school and start making mini reforms...changing the tape in my head, as my friend Andrea puts it. I know Im going to bomb big this year in certain things, but Im not going to hold myself to any expectations, and Im going to continue to put just one foot in front of another.

Oh yeah, before I forget....(some) Things That I Want To Do in 2008 (commonly called Resolutions, but more like things I just want to add to my lifes To Do list):
1. Perfect the art of Gluten Free bread and granola making
2. Finish the Koran
3. Strive for Quality, not necessarily Quantity this year. This has become my mantra for 2008.
4. Inform myself
5. Listen to more Bob Marley, Beck, and Iron and Wine

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Keep having lots of good experiences! Dad says to tell you where ever you are in the world, he loves you very much. Mom (and Dad)