Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dear February: Bring it on.

Yesterday, February 1, I woke up deaf in my left ear.

It was actually more funny than scary or painful. It was kind of like, ¨You would, February.¨
It's better now, though. worries.

This is going to be a great month. Last night the girls and I went in town to celebrate Feb and the 5 months we have left. I had some killer fried plantains and the best ice cream sundae of my life...strawberry and coconut ice creams with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Oh baby. Hanzy, you would have died.

Yesterday I went to my internship. Senegal has recieved $4.5 million in donations from the Mormon church in America, and my organisation is in charge of giving a large portion of it away. It was so weird to be on the recieving end of American charity. Boxes full of used toys with missing parts. Home-made cards from little American kids, with cut out magazine photos of happy toubabs playing football of having a cookout in their Tommy Hilfiger outfits. Sacks of vitamin-enhanced flour. The worlds largest supply of pencils- a hot commodity here in Senegal. Baby socks. Its too hot for babies to wear socks. It was just a strange sensation sorting through all of that. It was similar to walking through the market of resale clothes here in town. These clothes are the unsold items from Goodwill and Salvation Army, shipped to Africa and bought wholsale by the bale by vendors, who sell them for a little profit. worlds apart.

Anyway, quote of the day: ¨Sometimes you carpe the diem, and sometimes the diem carpes you. I feel like I've been getting carped all week.¨ -Alan P.

Quote of the life: (British Accent) ¨I love you so much, that I'm buggin'.¨ -Hannah W.


James said...

My mother said that in a box of donations to a mission school library in Liberia they found things like the statutes of Arkansas circa 1940 and a laudatory history of the KKK.

Anonymous said...

One time I was in the middle of nowhere in Uganda and a guy walks out of a hut wearing a summerfest t-shirt, smiley face and all. I could hardly believe it! And Dad bought his first Harley Davidson t-shirt from a guy in Mindanao, (island in Southern Philippines) when you were a kid. Insurgents look funny in American stuff, I think.

Anonymous said...

Philippino insurgents, that is.
Love, Mom