Monday, February 18, 2008

Too much coffee

Ive been drinking too much coffee. I feel ill.

...I cant sleep. Ive been in the computer room since before the sun rose, trying to write about African regionalism before the conference of Addis-Abeba. Ho-hum, theres a lot on my mind. Ive discovered that there is not one single place on campus thats actually conducive to studying. Ive just to go suck it up.

When I get to america, I want to start wearing more cardigans. I miss cardigan sweaters.

I went to a Che Guevara themed bar the other night. Highly ridiculous.

Yes, I think this is the week to make gluten-free brownies.

Im glad Im missing winter in WI this year.

I got a free drink at a boutique in town for speaking arabic with the Mauritanian proprietor. I miss that language. I wish I had my books here.

More than halfway done with Februrary. Yes.

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