Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Well, Valentine's Day started out well. Great, actually. Megan Alaska and I pumped ourselves up with cafe touba and ate so much chocolate and so many peanuts that I thought I would be sick. We sat in her room and listened to hip hop and Moulin Rouge and made valentines day cards for all our friends here on campus. It was a riot. After that, at about 3 am, she and I dressed up as Valentines Bandits and began the delivery/espionage/banditry. We snuck around campus, delivering the cards individually, and never once breaking our 007 personas. Once, we were forced to freeze in our best ¨tree poses¨, so the passersby wouldnt suspect a thing. Genius!
So much laughing phlegm.

The rest of the day was normal. Class, resto, etc. It turned sour, though. Really sour. Long story short, bad guy situations. Lost all faith in these men. Men I trusted, too. I was just livid yesterday, and I just feel discouraged and disappointed today. Mawr. Just want to be alone. There is no alone here, though, in Senegal. Except if you're in a big group of Senegalese and you're the only one who doesnt speak Wolof. Stupid Februrary.
Whatever, its nothing I cant handle. Just...sigh. Cry me a frickin' river.

P.S. I dont tell you I love you enough. Yes, you are loved by me. And I dont need a Valentine's Day to say this.

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Alan said...

yay to the good parts, ick to the rest. i feel sorry for you.

i solved valentine's day by staying home all day cooking and washing dishes.