Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Highlights from my camping trip to Nikolokoba

Megan Alaska and I. This photo pretty much sums up my time here in Senegal.

In the village on top of the mountain we climbed in Kedougou, we stumbled across a ceremony to honor this dead leopard. The villagers poisoned it because it was eating their cows, so they offered it sacrifices to apologize to its soul.

Crossing the bridge on our ¨safari¨ in Tambacounda.

Sunrise over the river full of hippos. This is what I woke up to every morning.

We hiked in the forest until we found this waterfall. We all whipped off our clothes and jumped in in our underwear.

The friends I made at the waterfall. Smart guys.

We visited the Grand Mosque of Touba. Its the 2nd biggest mosque in Africa, after Casablanca. It is so gorgeous inside. I had to cover up and take off my shoes to go in.

Claire, Jill, and I after climbing the mountain to get to the Iwo village.

I am in love with the mystical baobabs of Senegal

The village matriarch of Iwo.
Maren's photo, National Geographic anyone?

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