Sunday, April 27, 2008

Remember: The Entire Universe is Conspiring in your Favor

Where does time go?

So much has happened since I returned from Morocco, but as I think about writing it all on here, I get ovewhelmed that I'll forget an important detail. Let's start from the ending...

After much drama with the airline company (including the threat of legal action by some parents- not mine), I have finally changed my return flight home. I have nixed my plans to stay in Senegal and do an internship, for various reasons. Simply put, I know its not the time. I have unfinished business in America, as well as a new life to start. Right now, my return flight is for June 24, I'll be in Chicago on the 25th. However, because this is before the official end of my academic program, I have to try to change the date again until after July 1 if possible. June 24 was not my choice- its too early in my opinion- but I guess there's a reason I have to leave then. I'm trying not to think about it too much. Ah, leaving.

Oh, you'll laugh at this: I joined the choir at church! We sing in French, Wolof, Lingala (the pastor is from the DRC), and Serrer. No English, but they want me to teach them some. You'll laugh even harder at this: today, unbenounced to me, they named me an elder of the church. Wha? I know! It's an honor, and I can really tell that they're hurting for some leadership....but whaaa? I dont know how to be an elder of a church. I barely speak the language, for pete's sake! TIA, always an adventure.

What else? Oh, I just finished the book The Alchemist, by Paolo Cohelo. Highly recommended to all of you. I really loved it, and it takes place in my beloved North Africa. Its about a journey from Spain through Morocco and to Egypt, but more than that it's really along my lines of Personal Legend philosophy. I'm also in the middle of reading a giant anthology of Langston Hughes' poetry and the memoirs of David Livingstone.

Campus is moving along at the pace of a goat in the African heat. The weather is getting hotter by the day, and so is school. Since I only have 2 months left (sigh), I have to do an entire semester's worth of work tout de suite. At the moment, I'm deliberately distracting myself from writing a paper on the comparative politics between the Truth and Reconciliation Committees in South Africa and Morocco. Interesting, but I'd rather be playing outside. This week has been fun: water, electricity, and internet shortages. I've been doing a few more interviews about the conflict in the Casamance. Wow, the stories that are uncovered just tear my heart apart. What can I do!? What am I supposed to do in situations like this, in the future!?

Okay, that's enough Holy Frustration for one day. Gotta stop procrastinating. I cant believe it's almost May! Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around sometimes, you might just miss it.
Ah, the wisdom of Ferris Bueller.

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casama said...

I wrote a paper about Langston Hughes in high school. He certainly was a genius.