Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I want to learn...i.e. aperception:

Being here has taught me many things, including the fact that I know so little and desire to know so much. Here is a list I've been keeping of necessary things that I want to learn or master in life, just for kicks and in no particular order:

1. More Arabic
2. Microsoft Exel
3. Capoeira
4. Kierkegaard's philosophy, especially existentialism
5. How to surf better
6. political systems/regimes
7. Latin America
8. The art of conflict mediation!
9. How to bake Gluten-free bread
10. Hunger
11. Camping, backpacking
12. How to drive stick, after all my years of failed attempts
13. How to do my taxes right

This list grows ever longer. ready, set, go!


Steve said...

Mei Mei,

Sorry I'm not in contact with you much...for what its worth, i'm barely in contact with the girl i'm dating. Finals will be over soon, and I will finally be able to chat with you.

Anyways, don't bother learning Excel. it's annoying, and Open Office is better.

I bet you that Shi-Hsia would love to learn capoeira with you.

xenobiologista said...

Let me know when you get back and I'll hook you up with the group here. (I haven't been going for the last couple months but am planning to restart over the summer =)