Friday, July 4, 2008

Home of the Brave, Land of the Free

I'm back in America, after a lifetime of travels. Literally.

Life is beautiful. The grass is green. The air is crisp and clear. People wear shorts.

Today is the 4th of July, my favorite holiday. What a wiiiiieeerd day. I'm tired but cant fall asleep. I'm going to spend some quality time with my family, the Batcave, and Blue, my guitar.
I'm putting off my responsibilities until tomorrow. Today, mangy nos.

I miss Senegal so much it hurts.


Anonymous said...

We are so glad you are here! We understand what it means to be terribly homesick for your other home and hope and trust you can return someday. We love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I am an immigrant to USA. I agree w/ you about how little many americans know about other cultures. Were you able to "really" connect with the people in other countries? For example I have been in the US for about 11 years and NOT a single regular US family has ever invited me 'spontaneously' even for a Thanksgiving Dinner neither inquired if I want to learn at 'their home'. I guess the understanding is 'I pay for classes?'. I hope you get what I am trying to convey. It is a disconnect with fellow americans b/c of comercialism which also keeps the 'air crisp and clear?' You gain something and you lose another thing. While these other lands have family connections, neighbors etc to help each other because of 'different' economic sysytem; in the same note here in the US we lose that 'need' for help from others b/c 'everything' is for sale- even HELP.
I reaaly want CONNECTION w/ PEOPLE more than material. The price of these so-called-by-west "developing countries" (I am not sure what we are "developing" into) families are thrown together by fate (God)to handle everyday crisis and needs. It is nice when a neighbor or brother or sister helps (better than the fat reassuring BANKER with a loan and a whopping APR!).
Thanks for your blog.Enjoyed it.