Sunday, July 6, 2008

Images of Morocco...finally


Anonymous said...

These are pictures from Fez, Morocco, I guess. I am the same immigrant to the US who was never invited by any US native for a Thanksgiving or X'mas dinner (cry, cry...)I am not Moroccan for the records. If you go to Morocco again visit Al Jadida- a beautiful city with a huge fun park and great walking for sandy beaches. Did you visit Marakech? Were you surprised by the "better than US freeways to Marakech? I was (I guess it was b/c they charge so much TOLL along the way and the freeway has very good lighting all the way not like in US only in city areas and then sparse lighting btwn cities (in the US). I recognized the "tannery" in Fez.
Did you visit the LARGEST MOSQUE in the world in Fez? w/ doors 'looks' like made of gold but I do not think so because forbidden for Muslims to use Gold in such way to my knowlwdge.
I am planning to visit Isfahan in 2010 (need to save up). I looked up (googled) Iran and found it has many wonderful cities like Isfahan, Shiraz etc and the food and peple are kind and generous (I am not white- so, no Bush hate on me!)I am olive colored. May be a tan will help to have a wonderful time. It is just that Mr. President Bush messed up relations with all the Arabs and Muslims all over the world (about a 1.2 billion of them!!!).
Please, visit Algeria, Egypt. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chechnaya (Russia) and Hunan Province in China. I visited Pakistan and the food and people are very hospitable and nice. They can speak English well or can find easily someone in the street who speaks English (their Medical Schools and many University classes are in English).
Madagascar is beautiful and so is a little Island named Sri Lanka and Seychells.
Bon Voyage...?? No French at all..

Danielle Ciribassi said...

This might be a bit random, but my name is Danielle Ciribassi, and I am going to Senegal next semester. (January 18th-May 10th). I am looking up all I can before I go, and I came across your blog on google. I have to say that it really reassured me, and gave me some interesting insight into what it might be like for me. I loved your pictures, and you seem to have really similar interests to me as well. I'm going with an International Development program; first half of the semester will be in Dakar, and the second half will be an internship of my choice. I'm probably going to choose a microfinance NGO once I get there, and see where it leads me.
I would love to get in touch and chat more about your experiences, etc, if you're interested. My email address is Thanks so much, hopefully I'll talk to you soon.