Saturday, July 5, 2008

When it's all been said and done

When it's all been said and done
there is just one thing that matters:
Did I do my best to live for truth?
Did I live my life for you?

Today I walked into a grocery store and burst out crying. My mom had to take me home. Is this transition going to be harder than I expected?

Also, Beloveds, I do want to contact all of you asap. Please be patient with me...I'm still trying to put my life together and unpack. Also, I dont have a cell phone yet. You each are individually so important to me, I have not forgotten you!

Time to bosser. Here we go...


james said...

Maybe. For years after coming back from several years in Liberia I found that malls weirded me out--there is so much purposeless conspicuous consumption that I couldn't ignore the wrongness. I could go find what I wanted and get out, but the atmosphere was oppressive.
Over the years I've gained a little sympathy for the shops--they're like a mob of street vendors trying to earn a living hawking stuff--but I still don't like it.

Anonymous said...

I am an immigrant and had a great life before coming to the US with a private nanny, cooks, cleaners and gardners. Not a rich family just an average upper middle class kid of a university professor. Life was good and then I came to the US to complete a PhD. What a shock. I had to shop (for tateless hormone beef- sorry, but it is the truth...yes, I heard about the $120.00 'happy-cow' burger sold in New York for the super wealthy..I was lucky to eat the same meat in my former country for a $1.00 a plate!! --it was 20 yrs ago not anymore...the vendors say ..we sold it to the restaurant contractor who serves that beef in a London Park Place Restaurant for food is gone...but we have something called "Bush Legs" and it is chichen imported from USA...I am at a loss as to waht to say. I took my niece to a McDonald at my former country and felt very heavy in my heart. I hate McDonald "fake" fries , bun (taste like plastic and not-beef-like "burger").
I recently bought some "organic" mat and it was a bit like the meat I ate 20 years ago, but still need the hot weather to make it tasty and aromatic.
The cloths in the mall for average americans look very drab (target, K-mart, Ross and even Macy etc). The good looking cloths are VERY EXPENSIVE in the US.
In India I bought beautifl shawls w/ silk and lint/cotton for $3.00 and use them here in the US everyday. Spices heal the Indians from Alzheimers and arthritis (two big problems in the US). The Indians are eating more SALT now in Western Style packaged food and it is the major cause of blood pressure and heart disease. I want to scream at the Indians and shout "Eat as your grandparents ate at home with chilli, coriander, trmeric and be health. Drop the plastic wrap, and the toxins like contraceptives- which give breast cancer...etc..I am now going on happens when I want to say a lot in a little time...Please, tell the other landers how harmful the INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS are and to eat pesticide free veggies and fruits abundant in all seasons in India and Morocco and Senegal.
I must visit Senegal. Bye.