Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Blessings:

-a “latte” for breakfast. (coffee + milk + cinnamon + nutmeg = almost the real thing?)
-great conversation in Arabic class
-discovering a French chocolate shop while walking around the city, studying verbs
-Watching a guy climb up a tree, deposit his bag of trash in the branches, then slide down, firehouse-style. I mean, littering isn’t great, but I’ve got to give him points for creativity. TIA, anyone?
-The smell of bread baking in our apartment vestibule. I know I can’t eat it, but I can appreciate it in other ways.
-The word “vestibule”.
-“C.S. Lewis Song”
-Wildflowers in the city!
-Hot water. Did I mention our hot water fuse box is broken and has been since we moved in? Getting a hot shower is always a crap shoot. C and I have taken to heating pots of water on the stove and taking bucket showers. Reminds me of Senegal, only we WANTED to take cold bucket showers there. Needless to say, I haven’t shaved my legs in ages.
-Sunshine. Oh my gosh, how I’ve missed thee. At the moment, I’m not even wearing my coat inside my apartment, it’s that warm.
-eating carrot-tomato-argon salad on my balcony in said sunshine with Caitlyn.
-Skype calls with friends overseas
-English/Arabic time with Anas. Funny kid.
-Finding on the sidewalk, while walking home with C this evening, just two chicken claws. (claws? feet?) Yup. Just the claws, lying there, mid-shrug, without any other chicken parts to be seen (probably eaten by the cats). It was just so absurd, Cait and I both stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, looked at them for a second and burst out laughing so hard I started crying. It was just so...morocco. I needed the laugh anyway.
-little things. Always the little things.


Bridget E. said...

What a fun list!! Truly wonderful blessings :) Soooo glad we could skype (and assumedly make your list ;)

wendy said...

When you were a baby I used to heat up pots of water on the stove and add the hot water to the cold faucet water to come up with warm bath water for you. I used to put you in a little plastic bucket with the warm water and I told you it was a bathtub. This way you learned the word "bathtub" for some day when you actually saw one.
Love, Mom