Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rose-Pistachio-Saffron Ice Cream

Okay okay, the REAL moment you've all been waiting for: a post of a recipe from my recent travels.
I think I was really inpired by all the Persian food in Damascus. Upon the recommendation from various people, we visited
Bakdash, a famous ice cream parlor deep in the Al Hamidiyeh Souq. It would have been easy to miss, but for the line of Syrians out the door, ordering ice cream cones and pots of custard crusted in pistachios.
What's so big about the ice cream at this place?
One taste and we understood.

All the custard is house-made. Not too sweet, with just a hint of rosewater, and covered in pistachios. Of course, the first thing I did upon my return to Maroc was to hunt down rose water and try to recreate it as best I could, minus an ice cream maker. Here's a recipe that doesn't require one...perfect for summer:

Rose Pistachio Saffron Ice Cream


  1. In a medium thick-bottomed bot, slowly heat the milk to boiling while stirring. Add the vanilla extract and saffron. Continue to cook on low heat, stirring occasionally while doing the next step.
  1. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until smooth and foamy. Very carefully and slowly, pour the egg/sugar mixture into the milk. Make sure to stir it rapidly with a fork or use a whisk while pouring (or you will end up with scrambled eggs in the ice cream!).
  1. Continue heating the mixture on low heat while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until thickened (it should be foamy and coat the spoon).
  1. Pour the custard mixture into a bowl, and refrigerate until well chilled.
  1. Once cold, stir in the cream, rose water or extract, and chopped pistachios.
  1. Churn in an ice cream maker until finished (or, stick in the freezer and vigorously stir every 30 minutes or so to break up the ice crystals, until it is homogenous and frozen).My Moroccan version

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Lynda said...

Cath, I tried making this last December, ok for Christmas Eve dessert that we were taking to a friend's house, and it was a complete disaster. You have motivated me to try again! Lynda