Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moroccan State of Mind- Genius!

Caitlyn already posted this to her blog, but I thought it was so genius that I had to post it too. Anyone who wants to fully understand our lives here in Morocco needs to watch this music video, created by our lovely friend Mary.

Mary is Caitlyn's neighbor up in the north Moroccan city of Tetouan. She hails from Canada, teaches ESL, and is one of the hippest cats on the planet...as you can see by this video.

BUT FIRST! Watch the inspiration for the vid: Empire State of Mind, featuring Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

THEN! Watch the homage to Tetouan: Moroccan State of Mind, featuring Mary, Alaena, Maria, and Al, the largest-cheeked baby you will ever see.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding video!!!! Jay-Z was ok. Mom

Anonymous said...

Outstanding video!!! Jay-Z was ok, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Trying to let you know I liked Morocco video better than the NY video.

Catherine Skroch said...

Hah! got it, mom. I'll let Mary know :)
Jay-Z will be pissed, though.