Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The News

Today's news was so interesting! 
First: thumbs down for President Obama, as he issues an executive order to create indefinite detention for Guantanamo Bay prisoners, a blatant contrast to his very first executive order as president.

Thumbs up for former Commander in Chief of CENTCOM, General Anthony Zinni,who has obviously been following my articles on PolicyMic. He basically reiterated what I said about the dangers of cutting funding to human security programs- most notably the US Institute of Peace. Only he got to say it in the New York Times in about 1000 words. Ugh, whatever. Not bitter. 
Thumbs down for Obama. 

A Big thumbs up for Kellogg, which, in honor of National Breakfast Day (today!), has started an initiative to donate breakfasts to the 1 in 4 American kids who live in food-insecure homes. If you post a photo or description of your breakfast on their website, then they will donate a meal. You can even send the photo from your phone!
Peacebuilding through food!

Happy Tuesday reading, y'all!

Thumbs up for breakfast. 

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